Friday, June 12, 2015

Hammering Through The Days...

Time to build up!
Hey people! I've been awash in small business work and life itself. 

But- considering I just did a video tour with Deek- YEP DEEK! WOOP WOOP! I'm all jazzed and thought- "yeah I'll bang out a blog post before heading out to bake until 1am!" This was only possible thanks to the fun tour and rounds and rounds of compliments from Deek....which means quite a lot to Dan and I. We watched his videos early on, he's seen it all - from the pimped out tiny houses to rickety shacks in the sticks. 

Fun times with Deek! :)

The video tour should be out sometime soon-- fair warning all- it is abundant in off-color jokes. We are both goof balls- and once the back and forth gets started......haha Needless to say it was a good time. I'll be sure to post when it comes out!

Other than that, I have been putting all energy and effort into the baked goods business. I named it after our real life pets Wendy and Walter, and designed the logo after them as well. It's been a blur, but a wonderful blur. The first market went really well- sold out my breads! So I'm ready to double my offering for tomorrow and hopefully show up at another market somewhere in the state very soon! I specialize in gluten and dairy free breads, cookies, crackers, and more! Check it out people! 

Racing to make my first display
for the market! I used wood from
the favor display from our wedding.
TRIPLE LIFE for this pallet wood.
The plants are finally getting into full swing and I picked my first bowl of strawberries from the roof. I can't wait to see what yields come from each method- I hope the WHOLE ROOF gets smothered in cucumber leaves too! 

I'll check in again soon!
Thanks for reading!
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Broc and peppers

Strawberries, cukes, leeks


I wish everyone could smell this photo!!!