Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Our Tiny House Conference Experience!

Dan and I had an absolute blast at this year's Tiny House Conference held in Asheville, North Carolina!

Now that I have successfully blacked out the travel both to and from NC, what I have left is a glowing memory of grand ol' times with some super awesome and inspiring people. We got to reconnect with folks we had met through previous events, like our buddy Ethan Waldman, who was there as a speaker, giving great info and tips on a wide variety of topics. Check out his latest e-book Tiny House Decisions. Then there was Amy Henion, one of the ring masters of the conference- we met her at the same event as Ethan, a tiny house workshop hosted the previous year by Deek over at relaxshacks.com  Our favorite straw-bale workshop host EVER was also there! Andrew Morrison is also pretty big in the tiny house scene. They created the hOMe house. He and his wife run Tiny House Build and teach workshops. He, too, did several sessions related to building techniques and safety.

We also had the pleasure of meeting several tiny house folks we have known through the nets, but never chatted with face to face! It was really nice getting to meet those people, like Matt and Laura of 120squarefeet.com - who were a serious source of inspiration for us early in our build! We also finally met, Ryan Mitchell of The Tiny Life - and also the man behind the conference! And it was his book we are featured in! Tiny Houses Built with Recycled Materials We also got to meet Kristie Wolfe of Tiny House On The Prairie - she has a number of very cool little get-aways available on Air BnB!

Needless to say it was a weekend full of great exchanges, incredible energy and enthusiasm, fantastic and fruitful sessions by many great speakers, and of course LOTS OF TINY HOUSES TO TOUR! There was even the JustRightBus, one of my favorite bus conversions- and a couple of box truck conversions! 

Being a part of the book panel was also a lot of fun and very energizing. The room was packed with people who wanted to hear from all of us and ask their questions and seek advice. I think we all enjoyed that panel as there was a lot of great discussion from practical approaches to reuse to the greater impact a space can create when it is made of so many smaller stories.

There was so much going on during the conference that we honestly didn't have time to tour all the THOWs! We did get to see over half of them, so we were pretty happy. My favorite was the "FitNest" which was a tiny house centered around a physically active lifestyle. They had a rock wall on the back side, pull up bars, heavy ropes, and more. I'm excited to follow Mike aka Coach Vivo of VIVOtraingingsystems, as they travel around the country inspiring others toward a more active lifestyle.

And now- a bunch more photos! I will post all of our trip pictures over on our Facebook page. 

Thanks for reading!
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