Sunday, July 12, 2015

Headed Off To Build and Bale!!

Our deck all lit up and ready for some 4th of July fun
with friends! Hard to believe just a year ago we had
relocated the Pod to this beautiful place!
Things have been pretty quiet on the tiny house front here in our little corner of the world. 

I hate to sound like a broken record, but all energy and efforts have been going towards getting the new gluten and dairy free baked goods business off the ground. I have had my ups and downs, my set backs and my little victories, I've been tired and exhilarated, inspired and overwhelmed, you name it. 

I remember how I felt at the beginning of our tiny house build, and it's hard to believe that anything could trump those first feelings of awe, intimidation, and hope....but here we are again, embarking on another less traveled path. Most days, I still can't believe I made the decision, executed the plan I've only been dreaming of for YEARS now, and low and behold it seems to be working!!!

Where baking and building collide! I've had so much fun creating everything I have needed from the logo and name to the banners, the four tier bread display, cash box cubby, and more! 

I want to thank everyone in the tiny house community who has shown us support and enthusiasm, not only for our tiny house, but also as we started this new challenge. Heck- while I have you here- take a moment to like our new business on Facebook! Two Little Buns! We will keep you up today on new developments, markets we attend, and new items I bring to the menu.

Meanwhile, things at the house are getting a little behind. I still need to provide some kind of trellis or crawling apparatus for my tomatoes on the utility closet and my cukes on the roof. The cucumbers are not doing as great as I had hoped, time will tell what they actually produce. They have some small cukes started, but the leaves and vines aren't spreading like I'm used to. 

The peas and beans are doing great! I picked a nice batch of beans to cook up with dinner and there are a TON of pea pods to be picked too! There is no satisfaction to match growing your own food. Give it a shot next season if you can! Heck, there is even still time now to plant tomatoes, squash, or even beets and radishes. GROW FOOD PEOPLE!! 

Anyways- something cool that is happening on the tiny house front- or at least related- is that we are headed off on our "honeymoon" this week! We are going to Arlington, VT to participate in a week long workshop, learning and building a straw bale house! We booked this last year, not long before our wedding. The thought of planning a trip or vacation right on the heels of our wedding was just too much at the time, so we opted to do something later. I highly recommend this by the way.

I find myself so excited for this fun little vacation, and it feels as if our wedding was just days ago once again. Second, we know that the tiny house is not our forever home. We want something a bit bigger and on solid ground.


I am always amazed by families of four living in THOWs, but that's simply not an experience I am interested in. I lived in all manner of housing with my family growing up, including an RV and a hunting shack. While my memories of those places are fond and I never felt hindered by the type of home it was, as an adult, I'm going to consider that an experience that is permanently checked off the list. We have two rabbits that don't want to do what they are told on occasion- and they have learned to "scatter and disorient" when they don't feel like cooperating. Can you imagine two much larger, loud, smart, taciturn animals (kids) deciding to scatter and disorient in this place?!

Sure, it's definitely possible, but so is putting my arm in a meat grinder. Doesn't mean I feel the need to do it. haha

I'm sure I will have lots of pictures and fun stories to tell when we return!  
Thanks for reading!
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