Friday, December 28, 2012

On The Map Again

“Not till we are completely lost or turned around... do we begin to find ourselves.”  -HDT

Happy Tiny Holidays!
Soo...we fell off the map for a little while. It's been an eventful few weeks! First off, I hope you all had a great holiday. Dan and I had a little fun and decided to make a mini replica of our proposed tiny house- as gingerbread!

What we learned:
1. This will not be an annual tradition.
2. The dishes take about as long as the project- 3 hours.

First we had to draw out our little blue prints and then cook them up!

Then I glued the basic gingerbread structure together with a sugary sop (which is incredibly messy). This guy was all too happy about the "building materials".

Haha, aside from it being an unforseen time suck- it was fun to get a little messy and crafty with sugary sweets.


At long last! Our door!
A couple of weeks ago, we FINALLY snagged our door and remaining windows. We took a half day road trip up to a rural and incredibly beautiful part of New Hampshire. We packed a lunch and headed out. Not only was it fun to go on a drive together, we got to see gorgeous areas we never would have traveled to otherwise. For $200, we got a full lite exterior door (has a large window that takes up most of the door) and two small windows. All were brand new!

We saved ourselves several hundred dollars just by looking for bargains and being willing to drive. Craigslist is seriously one of the greatest things ever! If you are persistent- you can find just about anything for a great deal!

You're looking at the front wall of our tiny home! --Sort of!

So the holidays, which are always a blur, were made even more hazy for me due to a snowboarding accident. It was my first time on the slope in a couple winters, and the conditions were not optimal by any means- all ice. I caught a back edge, put my hands out, and broke my right wrist and elbow.  It's been a week now and I'm already stir-crazy. I guess the good things to look at are the fact that I am left handed and that I should be in PT and on my way back to normal before we begin our build. At least I hope! We still need to decide on a date and etch it in stone.

I'm keeping things short and sweet from now on- maybe that will help me to post more often- I know this damn cast will too!

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