Friday, June 14, 2013

Rainy Week: Not Much Action

My apologies for such a delayed post! 

And we were doing so good too! Life has been a little hectic and off kilter as of late. This makes two weekends in a row that the pace of progress has markedly decreased. Grr.

C'est la vie.

He's such a good sport for letting this pic go up. lol
Really sums up the weekend though!
I had quite a bit of travel for work in the last couple of weeks (just got back from Wisconsin on Wednesday) and Dan had his wisdom teeth out on Friday. Needless to say I was still a little scattered brained from being gone, and he was a doped up, chubby cheeked couch potato- and rightly so. The doc said he had some huge chompers back there and he had to take "extensive measures" to extract them. Poor feller.

Plus can you imagine him climbing around on roof rafters in that haze? (and awesome headgear- kehehe) Heck NO.

The weather also was not the greatest, so that alleviated some of the anxiousness that has begun to fester in us. We want to get back to work and get back to the quick pace, so we managed to do one small thing last weekend. We headed over to walk around the interior and rehash some of our interior designs now that we had the true space. We laid out 2x4s for the rough lines of the bathroom, the closet, and the kitchen counter and shelf/stairs. We got a feel for it and ended up making a few minor adjustments. It's really funny to look back through all of the drawings we had made since day one. I scoff at some of my earliest drawings thinking, "Lady, you did NOT have a grip on those dimensions when you drew this crap." We have simplified again and again, and each time we love it more.

Our next step is to actually apply the sheathing to the roof, then apply the rubber roof. Well, as mentioned, we've been a little all over the place so I just ordered the rubber on Wednesday. It definitely will not be here this weekend. DAMNIT. We could have easily gotten that done too if we had ordered our materials at the appropriate time. Oh well, we've done really great up to this point- it's bound to happen once in a while.

There are SO many different facets to this adventure, and some days it can make our heads spin. Getting materials second hand could almost be a full time job. I have to constantly remind myself to peruse craigslist, follow up on inquiries, and try to arrange times to pick up materials- wherever they may be. We haven't been so awesome at that lately. We've been focused on the framing portion and not looking much further ahead. We had a good six months (before we could start the build) to compile the most basic pieces we would need like a door and windows. I guess I took for granted that I didn't have to do anything else at that point in time.

Now, the framing and sheathing is nearly done and the next few stages are getting the windows and door installed and then wiring and insulation. So we need to get our insulation! I found someone on CL that is selling tons of reclaimed foam insulation- heavy duty stuff at a great price. Less than half the price we would pay at the big box stores. So this Saturday, we are headed on a little road trip to western Mass to collect the rest of our insulation needs. (For those that have been following a while, we already got some of our insulation back in February, but not all.)  

Standing at the tentative sink space.

After we bring that back to home base, we are going to get the sheathing secured to the roof, and get everything prepped for applying the rubber roof when it actually comes. We also have a little bit of wall sheathing to complete- then on to determining where we want our wiring for outlets and lights. 

No more slacking on posts! I promise!

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