Sunday, August 18, 2013

Teamwork Makes The Dream Work

What a day!!

Saturday held an unexpected turn of events, but luckily, we set ourselves up to have multiple projects we could tackle- depending on the circumstances. We had PLANNED to get more of the "stock" pine boards and continue working on the other end wall. This was not to be. After returning to one location and realizing they have not replenished the shelves, we headed to another near by location. There, we learned that it was not something they kept on the shelves. Apparently, inventory is not consistent amongst stores.....even ones that are 15 miles from each other. So we were up-the-creek on the pine board job. No matter!

We still had plenty we could do. The utility closet is something we have been avoiding. So while at the store, we grabbed materials for that. We also had the old barn boards to plane, the doors to sand, and the possible beginning of the ceiling install. 

My brother Adam had offered to come help, so we knew we had one extra for the day. That was nice. But- even better- my sister, Amanda, and her boyfriend, Brendan, showed up out of the blue to help as well. Brendan came tromping in, hands full of all kinds of tools. He had expressed interest and enthusiasm in our project before, and mentioned he loved to build. On this day, he came prepared! 

We spent a long, noisy, bustling, productive day at the site. There were so many power tools firing up, on and off, that we tripped the breaker at one point. Oops! Easy fix, though.  Dan and I were genuinely impressed and so very thankful for the hard work that everyone put in that day- especially Brendan. He was working right along side us all day, except to go grab another friend to come help! He helped Dan plane all of the old boards- which came out great. Dan smiled with glee as he slid each board through. The man likes power tools- who'da thought? :)

We all took turns on this thing :)

Amanda worked on the door with me for a while, then I moved on to finish the last layer of insulation in the ceiling. After the majority of the board were planed, we decided to get started on the ceiling. Might as well! It was the one thing we had supplies for! 

The excitement and enthusiasm grew amongst us all as we worked together to get the ceiling up. It involved some tricky measurements, some pain in the toosh cuts, and a lot of calling back measurements wrong- thereby throwing the measurer (me) off and needing to remeasure. :p But it was great to have such a team come together, I maintained a post in the loft, measuring and applying boards, while Adam, Dan, and Brendan rotated in asking for measures and returning with boards. 

We all smiled and commented on how great the ceiling was looking as it slowly took shape. It has this wonderful rustic feel, and all of the super old nail wholes and the aged grains of the wood look AWESOME! Sure, not every corner is air tight, there are some cracks, but I love little imperfections. That's what makes anyone or anything unique.

Throughout all of this, Amanda and Brendan's friend continued to work on the big door and keep the work site tidy. The door is just about finished on one side! It took some time! Brendan also found the time to build a small- to scale- replica of our tiny house. He planned for it to be a mailbox, but then decided to cut out the door and windows- which are on one it may end up being something else...haha.

We decided to call it a day around 630pm. We have well over 50% of the ceiling up and it looks FABULOUS! We are a little worried about having's going to be close...and some of the boards have the shape of the tree, so cutting straight edges can be difficult. We hope we accounted for enough "mis-cuts" and odd lengths.

Today we hope to finish the rest of the ceiling and fix the front door (sticks a bit), then give the things a door knob! Taking it a little slower today. ;)

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