Thursday, August 15, 2013

Work....After Work!

Gettin' things DONE. 
Look! Look! Look!

While Dan attended class last night, I decided to go put some time in on the house. I'm not sure if it's the sleep I've finally caught up on, or the impending due date, but the fire under my ass has gone from standard yellow flames to blue/white in a hurry. It's crunch time people. We need to be out of the apartment by the last week of September, and we REALLY don't want to move somewhere temporarily for 2 to 3 weeks and then move in to the tiny house. It's going to be close! 

After snarfing down some dinner while bunbuns got some run around time in, I changed and headed out to the store for some supplies. I used to own a Chevy Cavalier- teeny little thing in comparison to most standard vehicles. You would be amazed at the things I managed to fit in there while working on the house I used to own in Southern Maine. My Focus is definitely bigger, so I surmised that some 8 foot boards would have no trouble fitting. 

We decided to go with shiplap white pine for the interior walls. After researching all of the "local" places that provided the same or similar materials, we realized that the prices were pretty much the same across the board. Only, with most businesses, we had to order, wait, and then arrange delivery times.  That whole process could easily take 3 weeks or more, and we don't have that kind of time. We opted to pay a few cents more and get it from the place with it already on the shelf. That's kind of what happened.... there were only 8 foot boards in stock, which work perfectly for the end walls, but I was hoping to find 16 footers available too. No such luck. So I spoke with someone and learned I could certainly order that size, and at a discount based on the amount I needed. Woohoo! The materials would be ready in 5 business days. That is something we can deal with...not to mention I bought the 8 foot boards off the shelf, so we can begin working on the end walls while we wait for the longer boards. Pretty crafty right? ;) 

I only bought a few pieces, just to see what it would look like that very night. The boards fit in the car without any trouble. I dropped the backseat and the front passenger seat to make room. I even closed my trunk no problem! The only battle scars my car obtained were some nasty splinters on the back of the upholstery. I cringe when I imagine that being someone's flesh instead. 

After bringing the boards into the house, I couldn't help myself- I immediately moved a bunch of junk around so that I could prop the boards up against the wall to get that first glorious glance at the near future. My heart soared as I stared at that small area of wall, bright and lovely, with the kitchen window's sun splashing across it. It's quite a shift since all of the insulation is black. Color has a very profound affect on perception of space. White and light colors make the space seem bigger- so white pine was a great choice!

Once I was finished doing a little happy dance about how great the wood looks, I decided to get back to work. Now that I had the proper grit of sandpaper for the sander, I was eager to work on the door again.

I spent over an hour working away at the door. By the end, I had cleaned the top half of the door. I'm not sure what we are going to do about the tricky small surfaces, like the edges around the windows and the panel grooves in the bottom of the door. 

I'm thinking I may just leave accent colors. I think leaving some of the original would be neat.....annnnnd I'm lazy and don't have time to deal with that level of detail right now. haha I've got two other doors to tackle as well!

I headed home, tired, happy, and feeling accomplished. Every last minute we can squeeze in here or there counts. We're nearing the home stretch!!

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