Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Columbus Day Weekend

I'm so spent I couldn't even come up with a playful title for this post.

That's pretty sad. haha I'm currently in Georgia, nursing a head cold with steady intervals between sweating profusely and teeth chattering shivers, but I couldn't wait another day to share our progress! Given the cold and lack of brain power, it will be a "children's literature" style post. Minimal writing, LOTS of pictures.

Almost there!

Over the three day weekend we continued to work on the interior. It's getting close! We finished up the bookcase/desk area and it looks great! We ended up using just about all of the rest of that reclaimed barn wood to finish this piece. Once everything was in place, I oiled it up and WOW does that old wood look gorgeous. Deep rich red and gold tones glowed from the wood as I applied the tung oil. The wood looks much darker in general than we expected, but the colors are amazing!

We made our first tiny house pizza!!
You learn to improvise quickly... 

We also finished up the bathroom. Finally! One room all done! (Yeah, yeah- we basically live in one room- you know what I mean.) Dan put together a nice door that covers the lower front face of the bathroom bench. We used very basic knobs and those pinch style latches. Since the space is so small and we want as much room as possible when pulling out the potty for emptying- we decided not to go with hinges. We liked the idea of just popping the door off and getting it completely out of the way before any other movement goes on. And of course, another wonderful bonus: It's bunny proof now!

We gave quite a few mini tours over
the three day weekend. It was nice
to hear compliments and support for
what we are doing. :)

After we finished up the bookshelf and the bathroom, it was time to move on to creating cabinet shelves and doors. This is certainly not an area of expertise for either of us, so we went with the most simplistic design we could think of. We bought some "finish" plywood for the actual panels and continued using 1x3 pine for the borders, which we have used all throughout for trim so far. Getting the closet door lined up and opening/closing smoothly took more than one adjustment, but we got it done! 

Not a whole lotta workin' room for this guy!

It was really nice to see that door in place. It makes for one continuous line as you look down our mini hallway. Everything is starting to look a lot cleaner now, with all these finishing touches, and of course doors to hide all the stuff stacked up inside storage spaces.

Securing the terlet seat.

I also got some shelving in place for the kitchen. YAY! I was able to move the bulk of our dishes to their final home. The pile of things sitting in the great room is beginning to dwindle. I can't wait until it all has a place to go!

Bathroom bench door.

Next up, doors for the kitchen cabinets, and doors for the stair storage. Once that is done, we begin work on the love seat built in design we have planned for the end wall in the great room. It's going to look pretty sweet- if we get it right. ;)

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YAY! Our closet is closed in! Another area: bunny proofed!

The organization nerd in her element- creating shelves!
Hooray for tidiness and order!

Look at that beautiful thang!!

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