Thursday, October 10, 2013

Don't Get Too Comfy!

Beginning of the bookcase/desk.
We are settling in to the tiny life...but we can't relax just yet.

One aspect that I have thought about a lot, lived through once already, and heard several times over from others who are following our journey is that moving into the place before it is complete can make it a challenge just to finish.  We've spent so much time relentlessly busting our butts on this place, and now that it is finally to the point where we can sit down inside and be comfortable, that's all we want to do! haha

Desk area complete!

But there is still much to be done before we can consider the house complete...and the OCD one of the bunch (ahem...give you one guess) will not let this project slide too much further off track. Why, you ask? Well, for someone who has been a compulsive cleaner and organizer since before I could even pronounce the word organize- it is almost physically painful to me each time I walk in the door and see the bulk of our things still piled up on wire racks in the corner. Not really my idea of a "focal point" for the room. I'm all about Zen and feng shui when it comes to my own space. Seeing a big old mess is like a radar scrambler to my brain. I can't even think straight. When I was a child, I could not move on with one other thing in my day until I made my bed. I even tried to not make my bed one day...didn't go well. I just froze and kept staring at my bed until I finally gave in and made it. Yes, I know. I have problems.

ANYWHO- over the week so far, we have done little piece meal things here and there. It's been difficult with busy schedules already, a lingering cold, and then also working in the new aspects of our tiny showering at the gym or at work. Those require a little more time and planning ahead then just strolling into your bathroom and cranking the faucet on.

So far, though, I don't regret a thing. I love it! (I'm pretty sure Dan does too, but I won't speak for him ;) haha) Sure, I miss my apartment for fleeting moments...but I think I mostly miss my couch! Right now we just have two folding chairs to sit on...or we can climb up in the loft and hang out in bed. With little Wendy-buns running around, I can't really go up there. The minute she sees me make my way up to the loft, she bolts to one of her three favorite places...all of which I have made clear in several ways that she is not allowed. So, naturally, it's her favorite place ever. 


I'm such a push over that I feel too guilty putting her in her crate so that I can enjoy a soft cushiony seat. She's in there all day when we are gone! I'd feel like such a jerk continuing to leave her in there while I am home. So, instead I sit on the hard folding chair, dreaming about the day we finally have the built in love seat in place, as I watch little bun-buns scamper around with glee. She has really settled in and loves the house too. She gave her flop of approval on the second day!

Making some tea!

I've realized over the last couple days that what we are doing feels a lot like camping right now. As I stood over our little single burner making soup and then some hot tea, I smiled and thought back on all the camping my family did when we lived in Alaska. Every single weekend through the summer, we would make the 2 hour drive to Hatcher Pass, a mountainous area filled with miles and miles of winding dirt roads, used mostly for logging and back in the day- mining for gold! When we used to visit, the roads were lined with little turn offs every couple of miles. This was not the type of camping ground with a little arched entrance and some kid in a brown uniform making you fill out the sign in sheet. You went out there on your own, and that's exactly how it stayed. 

I loved every minute of it. So having little things in my every day life (like hauling and heating water for cooking and dishes) that trigger such happy memories, has been a good thing. Now for any of you Fireman Fred's out there, calm down. haha I certainly know the importance of having enough air flow when using a burner like this indoors. I had two windows open and I even opened the door intermittently. Soon enough we will have our cooktop working, and this little guy will be stored away until our next big hiking trip!

Just to recap up to this point-

What we have accomplished since the last post:
More tung oil applications, especially on kitchen counters.
Progress on the bookshelf.
Make-shift kitchen set up.
Functioning bathroom.
Continued organizing and downsizing of stuff.

What we have left:
Book shelf.
Complete doors for kitchen storage.
Complete doors for stair storage.
Build great room built-in. (We finally decided on a concept for how to get it done which I will share in another post soon!)
Utility Closet

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We are making the shelves out of the last of the old barn wood we have. Getting creative
and using every last bit! I love it!

After about the fifth coat of tung oil that I applied with a rag, I said screw it.
The wood is still thirsty so I'm gonna give it a GOOD DRINK.
I poured oil on and gently spread it with a brush, much less labor intensive too!
Probably another 2 coats like that, and the counter will be ready!