Thursday, November 7, 2013

It's Looking Really Homey In Here!

Curtains are under construction!

Over the last few days, Dan and I have each been working on a wide array of little projects. I have started work on the curtains for the windows- the kitchen windows are done! I've also done some work on the built in, the door curtain, and the organization of stuff. Dan has been completing trim here and there, installing hardware, and sealing up the last few places where cold air can seep in.

Window skirts for the kitchen!

We have both felt quite jumbled lately. It seems like there are an endless amount of things we could be working on, we just need to prioritize. It was easier earlier in the build. There was always a clear order as to how best to complete something. Now we are looking at the last of the little details, and they are all seemingly unrelated, so there is no clear starting point. I don't know about anyone else, but that's when things can get overwhelming for me- when there are a hundred things to be done, but no particular order in which to get them done. BLURG!

Hanging the rods!

Anyways- the bottom line is: we are still chuggin' away! I plan to continue working on curtains each night until they are all done- which I'm hoping won't take much longer. I also really hope I bought enough material! We shall see. Beyond that, we'll be painting here and there, deciding what to do with the raised counter top (it gets a lot of traffic, tung oil isn't going to cut it), building a short ladder, and finishing up the built in love seat/dining space.  

In other news, I have officially sequestered the last of my stored things. Now, instead of having a few things stored here, and a few there, I have all my junk in two places. I still have to comb through and thin those piles out too. More will be going up on Craigslist! We have made $430 to date just by selling our junk on Craigslist. It feels great to have everything more organized. 

I'm always sneaking in a splash of color. Breaks up the pine- and it's fun!

Instead of trimming the excess lenghth,
I decided to use that length to create a built in
draft stopper. The bottom is filled with rice!

Speaking of organization, I am still re-arranging belongings. As we continue to live there and I observe our new habits, I have started to make small changes here and there- for example, I took most of my clothes out of the loft. With the addition of more shelves elsewhere, the closet has begun to open up- and I was tired of climbing up and down from the loft nine different times each day as I tried to dress myself. I would grab one item up high and climb down to get another and put those things on....then realize I needed another item up high....and so on. It gets old real quick at 5 in the morning. 

Now, only my gym clothes live up in the loft, and the other cubby holds some of my less accessed items like my camera bag and accessories. I have a feeling I will be making changes for several months before I feel we have reached optimum organization. 

Our next major endeavor will be the built-in love seat this weekend. Stay tuned!

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Finally! Those ugly cracks around the door are gone!

So long, drafty spots!

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