Sunday, June 1, 2014

AT LONG LAST! Visual Progress!

This guy has put in SO many hours!
AND he's getting reeaally good at shiplapping.

This weekend, we finally had enough wood prepped to start slapping it on the walls. First, we had to finish putting up the trim around the perimeter. We headed to the store and grabbed the wood we needed. 

Dan and I kept a steady rhythm, he measured and chopped while I painted. As one set was finished drying, we would nail it up.  We opted to have the base trim be quite thick. That way as it terminates at the wheel well, it is the perfect level for the siding to go right across the top. We really like the way it looks. Clean and simple. 

Seeing that first line of boards go up- neatly and easily no less - was nothing short of magical. It's been a long several weeks doing the same labor intensive chores and seeing no visual reward. It might has well have been lightning that delivered the new batch of zeal, we both felt charged with energy and the determination to keep going. 

We worked steadily, he ripping more and more boards to be ship lapped, me chopping and nailing up rows. We had no regard for time, and as I slowly gained on Dan's ship lapping and ran out of boards, we decided to call it.  We both stood back and admired the progress so far. We absolutely LOVE the look of this recycled pallet siding. From far away it has that interesting diverse look- kind of like a huge cutting board as my dad would put it- and up close it is full of texture and character. So- all that long tedious hard work? WORTH IT.

"What time is it?" Dan asked. "I don't know, five thirty?" I was quite wrong. It was seven! We had worked a solid 8 hour day! We felt like we really gained some ground Saturday, all the more rewarding after all this rain! Unfortunately I pushed too much, and didn't listen to my body as I worked away. My ankle/foot is on the fritz again! As a result, I wasn't able to put in as much effort today....but hey! It's my birthday! I'm good for working at all! ;) 

We estimate that we have enough wood "prepped" to finish the front wall. We may start a side wall if we have more ready. Given how much time this has taken, we are considering corrugated steel for the back wall. HA! Hey, we have to try to keep to the timeline-- which we haven't been great at lately. 

Siding is underway! The solar power system components are in! We will be ready to move soon!
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  1. This was worth the shot of that hot girl's body alone!

  2. Hi,

    Thanks for the info, can you please tell me how did you prepare the pallet siding?


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