Thursday, December 31, 2015


I couldn't go without a single post in December!

Dan and I sincerely hope you all have had great holidays shared with loved ones. We certainly have had our share of cheer, as we attended a string of holiday parties from November until now. We house sat during Thanksgiving week and hosted our own "Danksgiving". We attended Ugly Sweater parties (I won, I might add) and annual family Christmas parties. It's always nice to be amongst a bustling and happy group of those close to you.

Not a whole lot has happened on the Pod, but what little progress was made-- was sweet, succulent visual progress. We finished the recycled pallet siding on three of the sides of the Pod! Thankfully, for my sanity mostly, you cannot see the fourth (still naked) wall.

That third wall, which lived for most of 2015 with about 85% of it done, grew to be a festering eye sore I tried to ignore each time I approached home. The big box store logo against the stark white of the house wrap all but screamed out at you against the otherwise rustic and serene view. I had really started to believe it would be 2016 before that problem would be gone. But, just like last year, we finished the year strong by whipping out one last project. Last year, we put in our deck; we appreciated it exponentially as the snow piled up that season. HOORAH! A new and beautiful experience awaits as you approach our humble home. A wall, completely covered in siding, maybe it's not all stained, but hey, it's not house wrap either.

Dan's side of the family has started a lovely tradition, creating a yearly scrap book for their parents, chronicling a year in review for each of the children and their evolving families. This is the third year, and it's wonderful to look back through three editions. I always find it to be an intense self-realization exercise. I am tasked to review the last year in photos, selecting highlights from each month.

What a trip it was to do that this year!! In January, we were prepping for our first professional photoshoot and a feature in RI Monthly magazine. In February, I was finishing up at my job and embarking on a new business venture. In March we were featured in the magazine, we met Deek...which lead to more adventures in May and September.

In April I spoke at a conference, we were interviewed by the Valley Breeze, and by June I was certified, licensed and open for business. In July we had our life altering experience at our honeymoon of choice:  the week long Strawbale Workshop. In September, we had another great time in Vermont, as guest speakers at Deek's Tiny House Summer Camp. October meant two solid years living tiny, one solid year of marriage, and acceptance into a large wintertime market- which was pivotal for our business to maintain momentum. Although we are only on once a month, we have had fantastic feed back and enthusiasm from customers.

I seriously cannot believe the life I have led since walking away from the desk job.

So at the end of this year, we hope to inspire just one specific thing in all of you- unflinching courage. Take a look at your life, decide what you like and don't like about it- and even yourself. Then, take a deep breath and decide. Decide that you are going to make a change this year. No matter what it is, big or small, start somewhere and change- you will grow stronger, wiser, and more worldly for it. Change is growth....and it can be absolutely, astoundingly, amazing.

Thanks for reading!
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From the top- left to right: First, second, third place at the Ugly Sweater Party