Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Fellow RI Tinies Unite!

We had the great pleasure of touring Justin and Jenny's nearly completed tiny house!

In late July, Dan and I linked up with our fellow RI tiny house friends, Justin and Jenny, to see how their tiny house has come along. We helped them out for a day last October, check out the post here. It has certainly been one hell of a year for the pair, better known as Mr & Mrs Tiny- and after over 10 years together as a couple, they made it official and got married! At the same time, they finally moved into their tiny after three years of living in an RV to make the dream a reality. That's a whole lot of awesomeness packed into the first half of 2016. Speaking of awesomeness, you should see this place!
Congrats, you two!!!! :D

Much like our place, and many others we have seen, their tiny house holds many eclectic, personalized details and stories. My favorite piece was absolutely the showcase of the house, the kitchen counter top. It's hard to notice much else, at first, as the gorgeous live edges and contrasting grains grab the eye immediately.


Jenny told us the great story behind this lovely piece too! It was a bar built in her grandmother's basement by her father. After several years of no use- and Jenny eyeballing it all along- they snagged the major components and transformed it into a spacious, functional kitchen counter.

We got to catch up with Jenny (and their dog that spends way too long staring directly into your soul- aka Benny) at the house - chatting and taking a bunch of great photos. Then we headed on over to Jenny's work, an awesome restaurant called Chomp, and met up with Justin for some booze and good grub. I know we don't see them that often, but I genuinely cherish this pair. They found us, at the beginning of our tiny house journey, and were enthusiastic supporters throughout. Just as we moved into our tiny house, they were moving into their RV. It was really awesome to share similarities and parallels to our story when they came for dinner, check out the post here. Not only that, but they have been super supportive of our business venture into gluten free and dairy free baked goods. One or both would show up at farmer's markets each week without fail. That's two damn good people right there. <3 

It was so great to catch up with these two. We love their dynamic as a couple- Jenny's contagious, never ending bubbly energy coupled with Justin's steady, even keel and genuine love of building tiny. I've come to realize it truly does a tiny houser good to be around fellow tinies. We needed it more than we realized. We are doubly excited to attend Tiny House Summer Camp 4, hosted by Deek Diedricksen and bros, for that very reason. 

 We headed home that night with our spirits high, our hearts full, and a completely refreshed appreciation for the life we live. Dan and I wish nothing but the best for these two, and if you'd like to follow along as they near the completion of their tiny home, check out their blog or follow them (Mr and Mrs) on Facebook. 

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Goodies from the baked goods biz! 

LOVE these two!!! :D