Sunday, May 12, 2013

One Weekend - Two Walls

Half the walls are done!! :)

Once again, extensive planning paid off nicely. After my work trip, I opted to use one of my comp days to get settled back in at home. I spent a good four hours or more, on Thursday, mapping out the framing for the walls. After referencing the Google sketchup example, going cross-eyed from drawing so many straight lines right next to each other, and doing a lot of simple math- REPEATEDLY - I had our material needs down to the last ten foot 2x4.  

We grabbed materials that night so we could just dive right in on Saturday. We started by double checking the measurements of the windows that will be in the wall we were about to construct. Most say, "Measure twice, cut once." I like to measure about 20 times. haha

Start of the front wall - gonna be a lot of windows!

We set up shop under my Dad's carport since the forecast called for precipitation. We were determined to work rain or shine! It turned out to be a nice day overall with just a few sputters from the clouds.

Feeling a little bummed about the time-lapse camera getting none of the action out in the back yard, I decided to do a mini time-lapse. We just put my camera on a tri-pod and walked over and hit the self-timer every so often. But it beats posting 25 separate photos!

Here you can see us putting together the first wall.

We are building the smaller end walls first. On Saturday, we built the end wall with two windows- a bit complex, but just taking it one step at a time and following the basic framing rules wasn't bad at all. 

 Today (Sunday), we blazed through the second wall. Only one window in the center made for quick work. Especially after yesterday's wall. We stood there, pleasantly amused at how quickly and simply the second wall came together. We finished early and decided to take the opportunity to grab the materials we would need for next weekend. We needed to get the sixteen footers this time, so we borrowed Dan's Dad's truck. They still stuck out quite a bit and I had to improvise to mark the ends of the boards. I'd say a pair of blue hands flapping at you would catch a tailgaters eye. ;)

Tiny House - Huge Happiness
Stay back!

 Next weekend we will tackle the long walls...and the one with all the windows is going to be a DOOZY.

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