Thursday, June 20, 2013

GAH! The Roof Must Wait

Our first epic blunder.

Okay, I'm being a little dramatic, but it feels like that right now! For SOME reason, I thought we would be able to get the rubber roofing accessories at one of the box stores. Evidently I came to this conclusion while completely ignoring the memory of how hard it was to find the rubber roofing itself-- which finally came in yesterday by the way. BLURG! 

So this image here is how my day started, and how the post was initially going to go. I was pumped to check the tracking number on our roofing and find that it had been delivered yesterday afternoon. I was immediately swirling about in visions of us getting loads of work done on the house to make up for the last couple weekends. (It was a lovely montage set to the tune of "Takin' Care of Business") Completely ready to burst with cheer in the post about how simple the roofing application will be and other benefits. NOPE. 

"Is this the window makin' stuffs, Mum?"

HOWEVER, the upside of all this:

  • We learned this tonight- and not Saturday morning.
  • We were told it could be found at the orange box store. This time, I didn't take word for it, I did my research and found they do not have what we need in stock either. Grr
  • We decided to order from the same company that we purchased the rubber membrane from- makes the most sense- guarantees we will have the appropriate adhesive for the rubber. Brands can differ.
  • We still have plenty of other things we can be working on until the roofing stuff is in.
  • I was able to grab window installation supplies which we will need Saturday. Every little thing done now, saves us time later!

That's what you've got to do in life- always, always look at the up side. :) 

So, I'm injured again. (Best segue ever?) I finally got back in to running, and thanks to this sweet, free running app MapMyRun - I have become obsessed with tracking, and consequently, executing more workouts. I was dumb about it. I went from minimal to zero running for several months and then just up and went to 14 miles a week. I told a friend I
Charts, stats, pretty graphs = me running more...
too much more.
have always had shankles (shitty ankles), so I should have had this on my radar. I'm hoping it won't interfere with my ability to work this weekend. Just one spin around the blue box store and my leg was screaming at me. I'm resting and icing- reluctantly- we shall see about this weekend.

Hey, if my foot has to be cold, then I'm having
a brew that's cold. ;)

Either way- lots will get done! We are looking forward to Kenny giving us a hand with the installations!
Thanks for reading!

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