Wednesday, October 23, 2013

We Have A Stove Top!

Cooking in the kitchen is a go!

I'm trying a new tactic to get better with my blog habits. Even if I've only got one or two things to share- I'M DOING IT! Last night, after a very uncomfortable ear flushing session (after which I was given yet another prescription- C'monnnnn!) I arrived home to a very wonderful surprise.

Dan had prepped, tested, and successfully completed the installation of our gas cooktop. We got the cook top from an RV store. When looking for tiny house appliances, I highly recommend seeking out an RV supplier since many of the concepts go along the same vein- small, mobile spaces. Although these appliances are intended to hook up to an RV's propane supply contraption (which isn't a direct line to a tank) they can easily be modified for a tiny house set up. The biggest thing to make sure of is that there is a regulator on your appliance and a regulator on your tank...and the proper size hose and fittings of course. Fun fact: I read an article from a guy who successfully hooked up a full size stove/oven to a 20lb tank of propane! He was able to have the oven and all four burners going no problem. Ours will be certainly work just fine then.

After speaking with a rep, I confirmed that our cooktop has it's own built in regulator, most quality appliances will. So we just needed a tank of fuel, a regulator to fit that, and hose. All easily located at the big box store. Now, instead of digging out our little single burner camping stove and placing large pots on such a precarious perch- I can just walk on in to the kitchen, light a match and turn a nob. They did have built in ignition cooktops, but the model we wanted didn't have ignites. After reading some reviews which stated that the igniting piece broke and they resorted to matches- I didn't feel like we missed much. 

Dan drilled a hole to the outside for the hose, right below the cabinets in the kitchen corner. We put the stove where it is so the hose would have a very short run before exiting the wall. The little 20lb tank sits right outside our tiny house. 

On another note- you might not be able to really see the temperature on the thermometer in that window, but it read 36 degrees outside and 66 degrees inside. (The loft directly above is always a cozy 5-10 degrees warmer too!) That's all with just the little ceramic eco-heater and some bodies. Wow!

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