Sunday, January 26, 2014

One Solid Con...

Holy smokes we made it!!

Hello readers! It's been too long, I know!

After three months of living in the tiny house, I was still quietly boasting to myself, "And I don't see one single con to how much we have changed." WELL. I stand corrected. When living in about 100 square feet, there is one con I can think of: you get reeaalll close with your partner, and you share everything-- including colds.

Dan and I are both recovering from getting sick over the last two weeks. We both started out with head/chest colds, while Dan made a slow recovery, I graduated to severe dehydration and pneumonia. Let me tell you, I do not wish this combination on my worst enemy. I've never been this sick for this long- EVER. I lost 8 lbs within a week, and I'm a petite gal without a lot extra on my frame, now I'm down to the stickly little figure I had as a pre-pubescent high schooler. NOT OKAY.

Between the head splitting coughs, full body wretches, spine locked in pain, wheezing lungs, sleepless nights, and bone gripping weakness, it was a victory to bathe and dress myself. Let alone cook, or clean...and definitely not work on house projects. Dan and I struggled just to keep this place from looking like a college dorm most days. We even used every dish we had before finally getting up the gumption to wash them. Not a fun couple of weeks. 

One thing about a tiny place-- if you don't pick up and clean up after each activity- it looks like a bomb went off in no time.

So, I don't have much to report. :/ Just yesterday, Dan and I finally put up the beginnings of the kitchen drawers. We used brackets to mount each piece of plywood. Next comes the face trim over those rough boards, and after that- we build the boxes that will fit in as drawers. Even having those rough boards in place made us feel like we were finally getting a grip on life again- not to mention it's nice to have more spaces to organize the kitchen items.

Meanwhile- the new countertops are still up in my Dad's attic, awaiting another coat of poly. I think about 336 hours between coats is enough time, right? HA. The good thing is, the poly doesn't care. I just hope there isn't a layer of dust on the dang things! I'll be up there today applying the second coat.  

Well, I have about a million things to catch up on, so that's all for today folks! 
We are officially back on the wagon! Regular posting is back! In fact- I feel I owe all you loyal readers some serious content, so I'll be pushing to get up all the back dated photos of our build on our face book page. I created albums carefully chronicling each day we worked- I stopped mid-May. So expect to see a butt-load of pictures on the page soon!

Thanks for reading!
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  1. Can't wait for the pictures to post!! Hope you feel much better... love your blog, we are full time tiny house people too... living on a small farm

  2. We put up another few months worth! Hope you enjoy! And we are doing much better now, thank you so much! That's awesome! We think being on a farm would be the optimal place! I would happily do labor as part of the agreement! How did you go about getting settled on a farm? Do you have any suggestions?
    Thanks for reading!!