Monday, February 2, 2015

Cozy Through The Storms

Just checking in real quick!

We've been keeping pretty busy just keeping a path cleared to the tiny house! We made it through the first storm no problem, and I sit here nice and cozy as we ride out the second. I think all the snow around the base of the Pod is helping keeping us a bit warmer too. 

We are certainly loving our deck from a whole new perspective! I can't imagine thrashing around in snow up to my hips and then walking directly inside! I'd take a pile of snow right in with me! I think one piece I do miss about larger homes is the entry way or mud room. You don't realize how useful they can be until the first mud season or good Nor'easter. But we make do! We hand our snow dripping clothes in the bathroom and place a towel on the ground. 

Not much else has been going on here! Dan is in full swing with work and school, and I'm trying to adjust to having so many free nights. I am determined to get back to guitar and painting on a regular interval, so I'm making the most of it. Who knows- I may even start a quilt for our bed. I have decided on a pattern- simple, but still pretty and bright.

We were eager to see if the power would go out in either storm, but alas, it did not. I don't know why we are so tickled by it, but we are just so happy about being totally solar power based. I've also started noticing solar panels left and right, in all sorts of uses. HOORAY!

In other news- we are giving Wendy "free range" times and working towards letting her be a free range bun all day long. We are also very excited to meet tentative bonding partners for Wendy this Saturday! We've read a lot about the benefits of rabbits being in pairs, and they are less likely to get bored and be naughty. I've really learned a lot about rabbits and gained a much deeper appreciation and respect for the little fluffy creatures. :) We are going to visit a great little specialty shelter dedicated just to rabbits. It's called Sweet Binks and they are great people. I was astounded by how many rabbits are dropped off at a shelter or just abandoned each year. The biggest culprit is Easter. So many parents buy their children a cute little baby bunny with no regard for the 10 year commitment a rabbit can be. I read about an Easter present bunny that a couple girls "set free" in the heat of July. The poor guy was found collapsed in the beating sun, and nearly died of dehydration and heat.

I'll be the first to say I love dogs above all other types of pets. No question. They have qualities and a level of connection that no other animal can match, but Wendy has opened my eyes to respecting, loving and connecting with any little fuzzy creature. What's the point here? I didn't have one really, when I started, but I guess it would be: If you are thinking of getting a little chick or bunny for your kid for Easter, remember that's a life you are taking responsibility of! Make sure your child is ready for that level of responsibility or just get them some candy*!
 (*In this instance I condone candy.)

Thanks for reading!
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Where does she immediately go? To investigate the blockade for weaknesses.


  1. Are you ready for MORE of that crap? We live in East Providence and we're running out of room for all this excess snow. Scratch that - we're FRESH OUT of room. In the meantime, I'm contemplating all sorts of ways of getting into tiny/small house living. Just trying to find land at the right price (in RI, that's a pain, but I'm very happy with my job in West Warwick, so I really don't want to uproot my family out of state...yet).

  2. Hey Brian! Short answer- no! Haha, we have to park our vehicles about 900 yards from our house. We live down a steep little slope, so we haven't been able to park remotely close to our house. Translation? That is a loooooong pathway to shovel. I'm definitely ready for spring! That's great that you are looking to downsize. Even consider intermediate steps between now and purchasing land. Can you find a small apartment to pay less rent? Save up the extra dough! I hear ya about the land too. Dan and I were looking around for a while, but we have decided to keep that on the back burner for a bit longer. We only just finished building this tiny house! Good luck to you on your journey to small/tiny living! If you ever want to check our place out, just let me know! We would wait for the spring, but would be happy to let you look around and get a feel for tiny! :)

  3. Please keep blogging!

    How cold does it get there?

    I live in Canada and it gets pretty cold in the winter, sometimes down to -20C.

    How did you insulate?

    1. Hi Erika! Oh, we certainly will! Lately it's been pretty dang cold the negatives as much as -15 F or barely breaking 10 F. We've done okay, regardless. We have a direct vent propane heater that was designed for up to 300 sq feet- and since we are well below that, we haven't had to turn it up past the first or second setting- and there are seven settings. We used insulation reclaimed from a building used for industrial cooling (big refrigerators) - it was a hard foam board that was exactly 3 inches thick so it fit perfectly into our walls. We then went through and foamed every little nook and crack left over. Air flow/drafts are a big part of retaining or not retaining heat. Thanks for reading! :)

  4. How is the Pod holding up against this wicked wind we've been having? I read another tiny house blog and they said they had to get used to the "sway" even when they walk around inside. I don't think you've ever mentioned that. Have you noticed movement when just doing normal activities?

    1. Hi K Rufus!

      The Pod has been doing just fine! We've been parked in two locations so far, and the first had more wind access then our current place. In either case, we haven't noticed any movement. I credit the jacks we use. We have four jacks at the corners of the house and the trailer tongue jack as well, so we are propped up pretty solid. In addition, our current location is tucked behind the remnants of an old dairy barn- which was made up of cinder block foundation/wall that stands about 2 ft higher than the Pod does. We have this on the north and west walls of the house- so we lucked out and its kind of perfect positioning. The coldest winds- from the north- are blocked a fair amount. The only time I've ever noticed any movement to the Pod was when we dropped it down off the jacks to move it to the second location...when we were on wheels, pretty much every last move caused the house to sway or jiggle- I was not a fan. haha -But we are solid now! Thanks for reading! :)

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