Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Video Tour With Deek Is Up!

At long last! 
The tour is up! 

Some of you might remember that I did a tiny house (and homestead) tour of our place with the one and only Deek, in mid June. Deek Diedricksen of relaxshacks.com is one of the first tiny house personalities I came across and quickly admired. I still remember the days before we even put the first cut in a two by four, combing through youtube videos, collecting ideas and excitement for our build. Deek has been into tiny structures for a long time and has a couple of books, multiple guest appearances on radio, TV, and more... and HGTV shows! It was a silly little dream of mine for him to come tour our house. YAY! He travels all over hosting workshops, taping tiny house tours, and has started to infuse art into all aspects of his endeavors. Check out his videos and his art! Wonderful stuff! And a DOUBLE YAY for us being invited to speak at his upcoming Tiny House Summer Camp 3! We are headed up to Vermont on Friday. Can't wait!

He's a goofball like me, so we had our fun while taking a look around! Enjoy the jokes and the tour! Share away!

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