Wednesday, November 2, 2016

Visiting Ethan & Ann's Tiny House

After a super fun weekend at Tiny House Summer Camp 4 - we had the treat of visiting Ethan and Ann's tiny house!

Dan and I met Ethan back in May of 2015 at our first, and soon to be many, presentation as part of the Diedricksen brothers' hands on tiny house workshops. He had a great slide show of pictures, the lovely little home nestled in the Vermont hills. He was just beginning to put together his book, Tiny House Decisions, and since, has become a leading expert in many aspects of tiny living, especially cold climate preparation. 

At last year's summer camp, Ethan was generous enough to offer up a tour to any and all of the 40 odd people milling about- if they were willing to take an hour road trip to go see it. Dan and I almost went, but since we arrived late that year, we wanted to spend as much time helping out with projects as we could, so we stayed behind. We did however, become quite good friends with Ethan after a couple late nights passing whiskey bottles, strumming guitar, and singing what we could remember (and mumble bumbling through the rest) of some of our favorite classics. 

So this year, we made a point to spend some good quality time with Ethan, and his other half, Ann, who also attended the workshop for a day. It was great to finally meet Ann, and hear great stories of their wedding! They had just married the week before, right by their tiny, and they still came to summer camp! When Ethan invited us to come check out the place at the end of the weekend, we just had to go! We were in Vermont, and we simply couldn't pass up a second chance. 

The place is even more beautiful than the pictures can really show. They have the house parked right in front of a post card worthy scene- a small pond overlooking the blue mountain hills in the distance. I could get used to a view like that! It is always fun to explore another tiny. They are so varied and unique in their layouts. I always enjoy seeing how people choose to use their small spaces, and more often than not, it speaks to what the person is most passionate about.

Ethan walked us around the property, showing us where the festivities took place, and the little buildings they had collected in preparation for the wedding. They had composting toilets for their event!! I love it! And they used one of Deek's buildings and another tiny building from Jamaica Cottage Shop, located right in VT. 

We spent the last of the evening light relaxing on the picture perfect deck, the four of us chatting about living tiny, our favorite experiences so far, and the silly things we had in common as couples, ie: one being a great cook, and the other being hopeless in the kitchen. ;) We certainly didn't want to go, but the weekend was coming to a close, we had a solid drive ahead of us, and much work to be done with the business when we returned! 

We didn't take too many interior photos because wedding aftermath is no joke! haha But you can check out Ethan's book, and his site to learn more about how they built, and the special things he does to prepare for winter in a tiny house! 

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