Friday, April 5, 2013

A Warm Thank You & Email Subscriptions- FINALLY

"True friendship can afford true knowledge. It does not depend on darkness and ignorance." -HDT

Dan and I just wanted to take a moment to send out a heartfelt Thank You, to all the family, friends, and other followers out there. We can't tell you how much it means to us that you each have chosen to take the time and learn a little about what we are doing, show interest, follow progress, give suggestions, send along photos, articles, and links- ALL OF IT!

The tiny house movement may be alive and thriving in some parts of the country- namely the West Coast, with a thinning through the Mid-West, and just a handful of concentrated pockets here on the East Coast. But I wouldn't be surprised to find that Dan and I are the only reps in Rhode Island- and believe me, some days it can feel like we're the only ones in the universe. With a project like this, it's easy to intimidate yourself, dig too deep into certain aspects, over-think, second-guess, self-doubt.  It's all part of the journey when you choose to go against the grain.

I remember absolutely burying myself in scientific garble about vapor barriers, air flow, material densities, and so on when I was stuck on being worried about moisture build up in such a small, tight, structure.  I was having one of my first (but always fleeting!) moments of, "Oh man, what have I gotten myself into?!" Then I received a private Facebook message from an unlikely source. A friend that I hadn't talked to in quite a while had taken the time to write, telling me they thought what we were doing was really great. Our philosophy really resonated with them and they wished us the best on our adventure, saying they would be reading along, anxious to see the finished product. I was so touched by this message, that it completely shattered that moment of doubt and intimidation and provided a big gust of wind for my sails. I stepped back, took a look at the bigger picture on this whole moisture situation and realized, "Just apply the same rules/materials as a normal house! It's not like we are taking this thing on the water or parking it deep in the Congo rain forest!"

We realize that many still think we are a pair of nuts, yet you show us your support none the less. This tells us you are confident in our capability and believe that we are going to follow through. On tough days when we cannot seem to provide that for ourselves, we are so thankful to receive it from all of you.

 So to all of you, whether you just read along anonymously, make comments, hit the like button, subscribe, send along pictures or articles you come across, or even just ask every now and then, "How's the tiny house coming?" THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU!

I'm sure we would get through this even if the world seemed like it was against us, but know that every little thing you do can show someone support, community, and encouragement at a moment they might need it the most. We genuinely appreciate the support each of you have given in your own way. :)

Stay tuned! I'll be posting about the water challenge and a total re-vamp of the house design soon!

PS! I finally figured out how to set up email subscriptions! HOORAY!
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