Tuesday, August 27, 2013

It's All Coming Together Now!

The final vision is beginning to emerge!

This past weekend, we put in two more full work days. I'm keeping this entry short and sweet because burning the candle at both ends has started to catch up with me. After a week of travel, I flew home from the opposite coast on Friday, all the while my mind was churning with eagerness to work, excitement for the finish, and planning to make the most of our limited time frame.
Dan cleaning up our soon to be post!

We learned on Wednesday that our lumber order was delayed. GRR! This kind of threw us for a bit, as we were planning to finish up the pine shiplap before moving on to anything else. Dan and I updated our strategy and realized that we had more than enough to keep us busy in the meantime. We still had the doors to sand, cut, and fit into place. We still had the entry door to fix, the utility closet to build, and we could also do a little work on the roof to prep for the final phases of completing the outside. 

Doesn't it look nice!?

It has come down to a game of musical projects so to speak. We learn that one thing will not be ready or work as planned, so we quickly switch our focus and continue on with something we can do. All that matters at this point is that we KEEP GOING and work on whatever, whenever we can.  With the deadline steadily approaching and many family obligations happening over the next month of weekends (cookout/going away party and two weddings!) -we've got to make it count!

We had to cut the bottom off the door,
due to rot. Dan improvised to make up the lost

On Saturday, we worked on the doors and a few miscellaneous things. We will be installing a post that serves as support for the last loft rafter, which will not extend clear across the tiny house- if it did, it would go through the large window. We wandered around all of the fallen trees in my Dad's backyard and selected one to be the post. We couldn't make use of the massive pine like we wanted, but this piece is a nice compromise. Hopefully we can cut and install it properly. Dan scraped and hand sanded it to reveal a beautiful grain. It pairs nicely with the ceiling. 

FINALLY! Both sides clean and sanded.
This door has some awesome grains.
I will be painting the green parts you see here.

While Dan worked on this post, I finished up the last bit of sanding on the green door. FINALLY! It only took many days and many people working on it! Based on how long that took, we quickly decided that the door with diamond windows would not be sanded. This particular door would serve as one wall of the bathroom and a wall of the closet, so it wouldn't be seen much. Once that decision was made, I began scraping and working on the final door.

Dan and Adam started the work of making cuts so each door would fit snugly within the house. By the end of the day, this had become a team effort. Making the appropriate cuts was half the battle, the other was making sure the doors were snug under the rafters and square with the wall. After a lot of grunting and pounding and adjusting here, adjusting there- we called it a day. As we stood around looking at what would be next, we were dumbfounded to realize that if we couldn't do the walls....flooring was next. No way around now! And we still didn't have flooring picked out!

Polishing up the old door hinges.

On Sunday, we decided to head out and take a look at flooring first and foremost. We didn't really have any particular expectations for the floor. We had wanted to use the barn boards as mentioned before, but found out they were better as a ceiling. Back to a blank slate. I think this made it a whole lot easier to choose- that and the deadline!

I love this! Reclaim and rethink! We used the
hinges as a way to secure the door to the rafter!
This will be inside our closet- a fun little
hidden story. :)

We looked around online and then went to the store...looked a second time at the products we had picked and then made a decision. There's a great little rush that comes along with just "pulling the trigger" on certain things. It was very refreshing to be standing there with someone who was on the exact same page, making this a super easy decision. :) We both liked the bamboo flooring. We liked the look, the easy installation, renewable resource, American made on American soil, great warranty, and most of all the PRICE TAG. At about $2/square foot, it's hard to beat!

Painting the loft rafters!

We also headed over to the paint area and miraculously, agreed on a color to paint the loft rafters in a matter or minutes. We decided on a dark reddish brown to accent the various knots in the ceiling. We stared at a picture of the ceiling and compared some color chips. Boom! Done! 

Then we headed to the site. I worked on painting the loft rafters and finishing the last door, while Dan and Adam began the flooring! They started out in the bathroom and closet spaces since we had a lot of crap everywhere else and wanted to hold off on putting flooring in high traffic areas before the ship lap is done. 

We will be putting in plenty of hours throughout evenings this week. We hope to finish the floor and get a call letting us know our pine has come in!

Thanks for reading!
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