Wednesday, August 28, 2013

We Have The Keys!!

The keys to our tiny home are in hand!

It's funny how that always seems to be such a highlight of the long drawn out mortgage process....the day you finally get handed the keys. Well, we weren't handed anything, we didn't need to ask anyone's permission, we didn't need to borrow a penny, and it feels damn good. :)

Over the last two nights we have made some serious ground. Granted, we had a small bit of back tracking between the flooring that was started that wasn't actually square...and then of course Dan's door incident. I'm keeping things at the third grade level today- more pictures, less words. :)

On Monday, we worked on getting square lines down for the flooring. We took up some of the wood that had been installed in the closet and bathroom spaces so that the lines would not interfere with the wood being laid that is truly square. We will have to go back and relay the wood in those two little spots.

We also had to re-adjust the large green door, because that was not quite even either. Once that was squared away (har har), we had a clean stretch of just laying down the bamboo.

Oops...time to pull it up and fix it..

By the end of Monday night, we had a solid start on the flooring. About 50% done! We worked hard. I am hell-bent on making this week count since we won't be around on Saturday and Sunday.

Flooring as of Monday night.

We scraped and sanded, only to find
not so pretty wood underneath, so we painted!
Last night we continued with the flooring and also put in the last of the three doors. This door will serve as a separator between the kitchen area and the staircase/storage piece. Even with the width trimmed down, it will still jut out about 6 inches beyond the counters. So we will have a cute little kitchenette feel. 

Last door in place!

While Adam and I continued working on the flooring Dan decided he was going to fix the front door so it shuts smooth and square each time. It was catching in the top right corner quite a bit. Despite our discussion about him needing another hand for support when most of the screws were out (I think he was just a little too excited about the progress we've made..) that didn't cross his mind when the time came. As a result, the door fell right off the side of the house. The door was open, and Dan just happened to be right in that open space (like Aladdin!) when it came down, so he didn't get hit.  My brother's left cheek took the brunt of the blow, catching the lead corner before it hit the ground. We are both convinced that my brother's ass saved us from having a smashed door and a dead boyfriend on our hands.

Brew break for the workers...enjoying the suds on a shiny,
smooth floor!
As darkness fell, Adam and I had completed about 80% of the flooring and Dan (now driven by his embarassment) was determined to fix and complete the door. That he a complete swarm of insects. A whole flurry of bugs were drawn to the light right next to the door; he stuck it out with bugs crawling all over him, up his nose, in his mouth. (I think that was a small bit of karma for being a dumb-dumb earlier.) Our door is now perfectly square, swings open and shut with ease, AND has the locks and knob in place! So we walked away last night, carrying the keys to our home!! 
Flooring as of Tuesday night.

My plan is to finish the floor tonight while Dan's in class. Then, we wait for the lumber to finish the walls and start planning out the counters and other custom furniture pieces. AAHHH!

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Can't really see them, but we've got the keys to our home!! :D

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