Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Re-Thinking Our Seating

We are still struggling to get the pace back up! The winter crazies have set in!

Hey readers, I'm not sure where you all live, but if you are in my area, then you can relate- it's a mess out there! After the consecutive snow storms, then blasts of warm and cold, with some rain sprinkled on top- the outdoors is one slick lumpy crusty mess.

Dan and I are definitely reaching our winter limits. We've both expressed feelings of stir-craziness. GAH! I JUST WANT TO BE OUTSIDE! In the winter, unless there are endless acres of woods to snow shoe or a mountain to board on- my activities remain pretty much indoors. Unfortunately, no such woods near me, and after last year's accident, snow boarding isn't high up on my "YEAH LET'S DO IT AGAIN!" List. 

It especially stinks when you require open space to work! There are just a few projects left for the house and we are slowly clawing our way to the finish line.  Being stuck indoors makes you notice a lot of things that could have slipped by before....and in my case, it's the love seat.

Oh, my love hate relationship with our love seat. 

Frump zone.

First, I like the set up, I think it's cute and cozy centered under the window, and I like that bun-buns' pen is neatly tucked away underneath. What I have grown to NOT like are the big lumpy mismatched pillows, the hapless way they are skewed about the love seat each day, the ugly old blanket used as a "bottom cushion" and the great big long board that would have been the table.

On Valentine's Day, we discovered a valuable fact: the table, which we had never really attempted to install, would definitely not be great in our space. We wanted to have a sit down experience for Valentine's Day, so we took our white folding table and placed it in between the booth seats. We immediately hated it. The length of the table, which we thought would be a good thing, completely cut into the big room, made the entry way an awkward space, and just plain looked too big.

This was actually good news to learn. I needed the motivation to make the change. See, before that, I was already hee-ing and haw-ing over design changes. I already didn't like that we had to lift up the entire bench to access the two booth seat storage spaces on either end. As a result, those spaces have gone un-used. Tisk tisk!  It seemed like any time I thought to put something there, I had to decide if I really wanted to dump everything off the love seat just to get to it. The answer was always no. 

Anyways, this past weekend we made those modifications to the love seat space. We cut the table down to a roughly 24x24 size which is much more manageable and makes sense for the space we have-- not to mention those are the dimensions needed for it to set down in between the two booth seats and make one flush surface all the way across. The result? I can now easily access the storage spaces!

The little terd! Trying desperately to gnaw her
mark into this pristine piece of wood!

It was rough getting started- neither of us wanted to work out in the lumpy ice rink that is the back yard, but April is coming and we need to be ready! So we chipped and scraped and cleared a small ice free zone just big enough for Dan to set up the table saw and work around it safely. 

The two front legs are remove-able to allow the rabbit pen to slide in and out.

Dan playing piano in the kitchen while I work. :)

I started working on the cushions as well! I've come up with a very simple design and for the cushions themselves. I made use of old bed sheets instead of buying material. Next I will make actual covers for each using a material we pick out. 

Holding up the rough beginnings of a cushion!

It's going to take some time, but I plan to work on the cushions here and there this week, and hopefully by the weekend I will have some finished products to show!

Thanks for reading!
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