Thursday, March 6, 2014

Nothin' Like A Swift Kick

A shot for the article in Issue 16 of Tiny House Magazine
When it rains it pours!

It seemed like things were slowing down here for a bit- how foolish I was to think it would last! Suddenly it's March and we are still locked in thick ice and snow. We need to be able to build the utility closet and install the siding. Oh, and we need to start the whole assess/design/order a solar power system. We had hoped to move The Pod in early April. It's looking like late April now. 

Despite the slowing of physical progress and ergo lack of things to report- a sudden flush of networking and writing opportunities have come my way. I am over-joyed! Dan and I will be featured as one of the success stories on the new TinyHouseDating website! It will be up soon, check the site out! It's such a perfect service for us tiny folk and our...unusual ways. :)

I was also asked to submit an article for Tiny House Magazine! (Issue 16!) So keep an eye out in the upcoming issue. I did a short piece on passive refrigeration (from my post) and what route we chose for our tiny house. Oh, oh and that's not even the end of it! My good friend, Desirae, is a very experienced, driven, environmentally conscious person that's been around these parts for many years. She even runs a local green festival every year! As a result she has quite a network of like minded people including farmers, farmers market coordinators, ecoNewsletter authors...yep! 

I wrote up a small piece about our adventure and what we are looking for in a place to park. She sent it along to people she knew that might be interested. From that email came a possible farmer that will consider us, and Frank from ecoRI News asked to interview us! We meet with both of them on Sunday. I am ecstatic about the thought of being on a farm- some moments I feel I could just float out of my chair!!

Two down, two to go! Then the back cushions...

I have this new found energy and enthusiasm thanks to these wonderful opportunities! I hope to contribute more to the tiny house world in the future. Not to mention, it brought along a healthy amount of "foot to ass". I am now VERY motivated to complete the cushions for the love seat. I want to have decent seating for the interview! 

Thanks for reading!
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