Friday, July 12, 2013

A Little Hump Day Action

Finally! We put in some hours on a week night!

On Wednesday, Dan and I headed over to the site to do a small job or two. We both were determined to make it happen this time. After several failed attempts at mustering the gusto and worrying more and more about the timeline for completion, we found the straw that broke the camel's back. (Hump day, camels, see what I did there?)

We stopped by the big box store on the way over to grab a few lingering items needed for the wheel well covers, and also a dry wall knife to assist in the long arduous process of cleaning out and removing the two windows that need to be fixed. It was a relatively dreary day, weather wise, but we were happy to working out of the beating sun for once. We even welcomed the intermittent sprinkles that also brought in cooler temperatures.

We ended up doing some clean up around the site, talking out how to fix the windows with Mario (which we feel much better about now), and completing both of the wheel well covers. We took our time too. It was nice to be there in the quiet cool evening hours. My dad had some of the neighbors over and we could hear them laughing and carrying on out front. Just hearing them made us smile and go forward with cheer.

We used pressure treated boards and some 3/4 inch PT plywood to form the boxes that hug each wheel well. We mounted the boards with brackets, and while Dan cut the pieces that would be the top, I went about using the scrap foam board insulation from our trailer deck job to fill in as much of the space as possible. I also placed the foam board specifically to keep the foam spray from coming out the bottom on the exterior of the wells. We will finish those areas up nicely when it comes time to side.

We put in about two hours of work, which isn't much compared to what we have done on weekends, but hey, every last minute counts. Now we have one less job to do this weekend! We left at dark, feeling a happy kind of tired. The kind that let's you know you're going to sleep well. :)

Next up: finishing the ceiling insulation, electrical wiring, and then wall insulation!

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