Wednesday, July 24, 2013

We're BaaaAAAAaack!

My favorite place with my favorite person. :)
Vacation was fun, but we've been itchin' to get back to work!

On Monday, Dan and I were floating lazily about in the pristine waters of Little Madawaska Lake. The sun was shining, not a breeze to be found, and a lovely humidity free 72 degrees was the day's number. We had been enjoying the whirlwind time of meeting all of the family and also my high school classmates. It didn't make for much down time. Monday was the first sign of that....and that's when the thoughts crept in. As we floated comfortably on tubes and drank ciders, thoughts of the house kept jumping to the forefront of my mind. Here was this WHOLE week of nothing but time! I couldn't help myself- I wanted to be working on the house!
Tiny house that I drove by every day on the school bus!

A peak inside.

I introduced the subject lightly, because I imagine most sane people are not dwelling on projects when they are off on vacation. Come to find out, Dan was feeling the same way too. We decided to be spontaneous. We packed up our things, cleaned up the camp, and jumped on the road for an all-nighter. Why spend all Tuesday driving with traffic when we could just drive all through Monday night? It sounded great at the time, haha...but what that does is make you completely useless the next day. 

So, yes, we got home early Tuesday instead of Tuesday night/ Wednesday morning...but we spent the whole day recouping sleep and working out the kinks of 12 hours on the road.

Anywho, while we were up there, it was as if I saw things in a whole new light. I was astonished at the number of homes we saw on the drive up- especially as we got into the County- that were between 200 to 800 square feet. Much innovation is born out of necessity. The winters up there are no picnic! We even visited a small hunting shack that my family lived in for about 8 months while we waited for our final home to be delivered.  It made me realize that I've lived in a lot of interesting situations, and never once do I remember complaining about it, or letting it affect my outlook-- at least not from a negative standpoint.

Perhaps that is one of the reasons why I look forward to living the tiny lifestyle; flexing your adaptability muscles is a healthy practice, and often gives you a new perspective to add to your collection. I'm always looking for those. ;)

Today, we plan to fix the second messed up window and then finally (and properly) install the last two windows. Considering it's 10am now and we have a 6pm dinner date with Mama Bear (Mrs S)- that's all we are putting on the list for today.

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