Saturday, July 27, 2013


We have power!!!
....when we hook up to my Dad's house....haha.

I am one fizzled out little gal tonight. So I'll lay it out skirt style: long enough to cover the subject, but short enough to keep it interesting. ;) [Yep, I'm a bit cheeky when over-tired.] This week we returned home on Tuesday morning from a short vacation up North. This was after pulling an all-nighter- we set off at 6pm the evening before. As a result we spent Tuesday in recovery. 

We got a late start. But our goal was to fix the second window and then finally complete the last two. We had been dealing with how to install a replacement window into new construction. Ideally, you would use new construction windows, but hey, we wanted deals from Craigslist so we could save $$. It is by no means impossible, it just requires a little ingenuity and stick-to-it-iveness  and the job can be done. The main difference between new construction and replacement windows is that the new windows come with a nailing flange with significantly helps with the install process and also provides a water diversion. What did we do? We used a combination of techniques.
We first installed the window in a replacement style- using the screw holes within the window frame and screwing it into the studs. We positioned it just right, so that the window is flush with the wall. We then applied the tape, covering about a half inch all around the perimeter of the window and also covering a couple inches of the wall, this provides a water tight seal- thereby mimicking the nailing flange. 

The the second window fix went rather quickly. After the big window it was easy. This window was also a replacement window, so we used the same method. The last two windows, that we hadn't officially done any permanent work to, were very different sizes. They both are on opposite ends of the house.
One is about 2.5 feet by 5 feet, and the other is 21 inches by 33 inches. So yeah, a little different. We decided to tackle the larger window first- and it turned out to be a pain to get it just right. It ended up taking the rest of the day, but it looked great when we were done. We felt really good about how things were looking- and confident that we had the windows right this time.

The next day, we finished the small window first thing. It was starting to sprinkle and we knew it would get worse throughout the day. The remainder of the day we worked inside as it poured all around us. It was nice to listen to the rain patter on the roof while we worked.
It wasn't so nice, however, that it was 60 freakin' degrees out!! I was NOT dressed for that, the weather forecast said we would see high 60s low 70s. LIAR! But I grabbed a sweater from my sisters old room and kept on. We spent the whole day- 8am to 5pm- working steadily. We began wiring the electrical. We were able to get about 90% done.

We took the day off. We had errands to address and a family get together in the afternoon.

After a late night, we got sort of a late start. We headed to the store to get the last few supplies we needed and then to the site. We got there at about 1030, and we had a family cookout to attend at 1pm. Summers are definitely not a slow time when you have big social families! :) We managed to complete the last of the electrical, and test the power. We giggled with glee as we watched the lights go on and off, and each outlet passed the test. I'll dedicate a separate post to our electrical set up.

Conclusion: We managed to keep a good mix of work and play throughout our vacation. We finished the windows at long last, and we completed the electrical. Now, we can finish the insulation and begin the interior! Or complete the outside. We'll see. Tomorrow, we are visiting and having breakfast with Dan's sister and hubster. They are down from New York. After breakfast, we plan to head back over and continue the insulation work.

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  1. I must commend your construction skills! Not everyone can manage to do replacement windows properly, but you did it like a pro. Where did you learn how to do installations, by the way?

  2. Thanks, Jesse! I have past experience working on a traditional house. But, even then, how I learned was through advice from family and friends in the business and also the internet. You can find anything online these days!