Tuesday, November 12, 2013

A Weekend Of Milestones...And....Not Much Else

Even the grand-babies made it,
all the way from NY! :)
As weekends have a way of doing sometimes, this one slipped right on by.

Two big milestones happened this weekend, calling for social outings to celebrate. Dan's Dad celebrated his 60th birthday- with a great big crowd I might add! He thought he was just going to grab some food with his kids! Needless to say, that was a great time. 

Monday made two years that Dan and I have been together. My how the time flies! We were both just remarking the other night (in a light-hearted way) that the last twelve months have felt more like twelve years. We both feel much older, but in very distinct ways. This experience has certainly polished away some of our rougher spots. I carry more confidence; I feel as if I'm just more on top of life in general. Anything that get's thrown at us these days receives the same calm reaction: "Okay, we can do this."

Two peas in our pod! :)
We have grown immensely together over the last year. Through this experience we have faced intimidation of the unknown, doubt, fear, anger, frustration, the nay-sayers, the set backs, the screw ups, the do-overs, the price tags, the dirty jobs, and also...triumph, excitement, joy, inspiration, strength, drive, perseverance, courage, and heart. We said we were going to do this project together, and every last major step- we have done together. If I was away or he was away, we would wait. We kept to our word and we gained so much as a couple. Thank you to everyone who has supported us and followed along with interest over the last year. It has been quite the ride!

So, now that I've danced around the bushes enough, I guess I have to admit it. We haven't really done jack on the house in the last few days. BLURG! I know! 

One thing we were very motivated to do was create some additional weather proofing for the house. The way our tiny house is situated, leaves it dead on to the winds coming off the lake. As a result, it can get pretty chilly at floor level when cold air is whisking under your home. We went to the local hardware store and bought some construction hay bails, which are much cheaper because the hay isn't top quality. Since we aren't spreading it on land, we don't care. We took one of our large tarps and wrapped the hay bails in place to provide rain/snow protection, and also to act as additional wind breaking. We noticed a difference almost immediately. Tonight is going to be a true test of our heat source-- it's supposed to dip into the teens!

Look at Dan's face....lol
Aside from the weather proofing, Dan has been doing some little detail jobs here and there including finishing the ceiling trim and great room storage shelf trim. I have started some curtains, messed up some curtains, need to fix some curtains... sooooo that's what I'm thinking about doing after this post! 

Thanks for reading!
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  1. I have a friend in VT that has been living in a little camper for over a year now. I'm sure you can understand VT winters get pretty cold. She sent me a picture of the same idea...the hay bales for some insulation...I thought she was brilliant for doing so. She's a smart cookie, as well as you guys are on the same path. Little notes I'm keeping in my noodle for the future.

    1. I love VT! I grew up in Northern Maine where the winters can get pretty nippy. I grew up throwing hay bails and pine bows against the the base of our home every fall to prepare for the winter. It only made sense to do the same here, especially since you have all that open air beneath. It was one of the best decisions we have made to combat the cold! Thanks for reading! :)