Saturday, November 30, 2013

Video Tour! Round Three!

We hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving, and for those of you from other countries- well, we hope your regular day was just as nice. ;)

Without further ado- here is the highly requested video tour. The last video tour- I believe - was in August, and we had just put the floors down and there was still MUCH to be done. In this video, we are almost done the interior!! Only a couple details left! So enjoy!

Oh- and for anyone who normally reads these right from their email- the video may or may not work. I would recommend you head right to the blog page if the video is giving you trouble.
Thanks for reading!!
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  1. Thanks very much Devin! Thank you for stopping by and checking it out! :)

  2. Hi Jess, I have just now seen this blog, and I intend to follow. I really like your design. Simple, useful and all you need. I assume you shower in your Dad's home. I think I would have to figure that out in my own plan. I haven't prowled through your blog enough to get the information before asking, but what are the dimensions?
    I would be living solo (for the exception of a large dog and small cat.) I see you have a bunny... Your ideas for storage are really close to what I'm thinking. Use that vertical all counts. Your space looks airy and cozy. Great work you two. I look forward to reading more, your process and how it came to be. I too love color, so the kitchen shelves are super cute. By the way, the butterfly quilt capes are darling.... I'd wear one in super size...:)

    1. Hi Sheri! Welcome to our blog, I'm so glad you like what you've seen and are able to draw ideas and inspiration from it! Our goal is complete! haha (sort of) We started this blog as a way to show support the for movement and provide encouragement, variety, and basic know how to anyone interested in taking on the adventure! Our dimensions are 8x16 with a 10 foot interior height. We are super pumped that we changed plans and went with the high flat top style roof. You're right, it's very open, and airy and gives the sense that the space is big and open. This being our first go round with building a house from start to finish, simplicity was key. Not to mention it being my modus operandi: simplify life. It's been quite the experience, and you are tuning in at a good time...soon we are going to start doing posts where we recap what we did and how we did it. Hopefully that will answer a lot more of your questions! :) Thanks for reading!

  3. That is awesome!! I admire how y'all went off-grid as opposed to having the luxurious tiny house. Where did you find your trailer? I am down in North Scituate and really want to start building one but cannot seem to find any trailers. Also, how much was the trailer, if you don't mind me asking.