Monday, November 4, 2013

Nesting Is Fun!

I should go back and find the early post in which I shared my daydreams of when I would be choosing curtains, not heaving or hammering wood. 

Boy, does it feel good! Being home in general feels pretty damn good right now. After a four day conference in DC, I arrived home yesterday, then woke up and went right to work again. I made it through the day! I took tomorrow off, and I already have a sizable list laid out for myself. While I was gone, Dan did a myriad of little things from trim, to installing hardware, to tung oiling. Soon I will get a video tour together. Hopefully tomorrow!

I have this new rush of energy coursing through me and I'm taking advantage. I grabbed the dry erase board and made lists for both of us. Having that to reference can be really helpful when things get overwhelming. We are hoping to have a get together on Sunday for everyone who has helped in some way. So keep your calendars open people! We want to give everyone a chance to check out the inside once it's done, and have a fire, some music, and of course a toast and heartfelt thank-you's to the community that we have become a part of through this adventure.

Materials for the curtains.
 The super colorful one is for the kitchen & cubbies. :)

Since I am in the mood to STEAMROLL my To Do list --I'm keeping this entry short and sweet. In fact, I'll leave you with one of my favorite things, a list. (OCD- I know) 

So here is what is going to get done or at least started in the next 36 hours or so:

  • Final coat of yellow on bathroom door
  • Measure and sew curtains - Kitchen and cubby curtains first
  • Unpack organize arts/crafts stuff
  • Materials for fridge drawer, shelf doors, and built in love seat
  • Move miscellaneous items from Uncle's to storage
  • Find/make storage baskets
  • Laundry
  • Hay Bails around the base of the trailer - for weather proofing
  • Post more Craigslist items (Sold a bed frame for $50 yesterday!)
  • Mount closet mirror

Thanks for reading!
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