Friday, September 27, 2013

Final Week: Thursday Update

The stair storage is taking shape!
Rough sketch of our concept- PRE-build.

Tonight we started the stair storage piece, something we have been quietly wary of for some time. Like most everything else, we made changes to the design even as we were putting it together. We originally were going to have 4 steps, but decided that was extra work (aka more chances to flub up) and that using four steps to cover about 6 feet really wasn't necessary.  

I get out earlier than Dan, so I head home, change, and get over there to get things started. He usually gets there around an hour after me. We discussed getting more supplies during the day, but decided we had plenty to keep us busy. I began by hesitantly cutting out some framing pieces. I didn't want to go too far without Dan, so I busied myself with other little jobs and cooked up an easy dinner before he arrived.

We got the majority of the stair storage built, and as mentioned, we changed our plans. Instead of having another step set up, we will be making a very short angled ladder- possibly from tree branches.  As we stood there staring at the nice big, high counter we had just created, we thought it would be kind of a shame to break up the spanse with another step or two. Now, not only will it function as storage and a way up to the loft, it could be used for more counter space when needed. 

We're pooped, so that's all folks!
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At the end of the night, we spent a few minutes in the loft. It was noticeably warmer within minutes.
We both really enjoy it up there already! Even though it seems impossible, it really does feel like a separate space. :)

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