Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Less Than A Week Till Move In...

If ever I have lived through a self-inflicted dire situation, this is the one to top them all.

Long time no read, everyone! My apologies, we've been racing around like mad these days. Since my last post, I headed out for work travel, returned Thursday, and then left again on Friday to attend a wedding in Canada. My best friend was getting married, and I wouldn't have missed it for the world! We realized it was a big decision, given we have so little time and we are so close to being booted from the apartment....but there are just some things in life that only come once, and the importance trumps your current pickle. 

Love her SO much!!

We had a great time at the wedding. The ceremony was beautiful, the bride was breath-taking, and it did me immeasurable amounts of good to see old friends. I realize now, just how special that college environment is...I haven't made friends like that ever since. We spent all night dancing, goofing off, and re-counting our favorite memories. So many shenanigans! :) But to add a lovely layer of frosting to the awesome cake that was this weekend- Dan and I were able to visit one of the top 10 community farmers markets in Canada! It was located right in Fredericton, and open on Saturday mornings. That was perfect since we had the day to ourselves; festivities didn't begin until the evening. 

The market was amazing. I was very surprised by the size, and sheer variety of vendors, products, and displays. The Boyce Farmers Market has outdoor grounds and a large indoor area as well. There were folks selling everything from hand-made blankets and socks with pictures of the little sheep who donated fluff, to jams, jellies, jerkies, soaps, bird houses, pastries, breads, fresh squeezed juices, meats, cheeses, wood working, fine jewelry, upcycled art, and more. As I walked through "Food Truck Lane" the rich aroma of home-made donuts, and slow cooked pork blended with the crisp fresh air. I almost felt like I was breathing new life into myself, as if I were re-charing my wary little hippie batteries. Being around so many like minded people, all working as a small community, each person supporting locally grown, locally made, locally crafted goods of one another was an amazing scene to be a part of. I firmly believe that's what we need to get back to. 

Anywho- back to the grind. So last night, we both headed over right after work. Dan even decided to skip his class...the thought of losing time to work on the house bothered him more than the thought of missing one of his classes. I have to admit, I agree and I was very greatful to have him there working along side me. 

Since we are in mega-ultra-super-crunch time, we have shifted our strategy once again. We need to start moving things in piece meal. Our first goal: get the bed in the loft. 

To make this happen, we need to get the necessary coats of tung oil down and let it dry. Dan had already started the coats on the walls of the loft, so last night, I did second coats where I could and then oiled the whole floor as well. While I was working on this, Dan got started on the closet. That would be next. We can use the bathroom and cook food at my Dad's house until we have our set up in place, but at the very least we can get our bed and clothes in place. 

We made it a challenge on the drive over: make the closet with what we already have laying around. We were tired of making trips to the store, constantly purchasing materials, and our wallets are quite tired too. It ended up being kind of fun. We knew the closet was not going to be a "show case" piece, so we could make it out of a random assortment of materials- and that's what we did. Dan used the strips we cut off one of the doors as the shelving skeleton. Since those were not tall enough to go the full length, he also built a small platform base using scraps and leftover bamboo flooring. 

I hammered through the oil application, and I think all my hard work heated the house! Adam came a little later on to help us out and remarked that it was notably warmer inside the tiny house. This is music to our ears since we are a bit concerned about what it will take to heat the place. If a couple lights and some elbow grease can heat it up, I don't think we will have many problems! 

We worked steadily through the evening and finally gave in to the cold and darkness at 9pm. Dan was able to get most of the closet shelving in place, I began work on the bathroom bench, and the loft oiling was done. We still have a TON to do, but we both felt good about the work we put in.

These two poked fun at each other relentlessly with
in and out-of-the-closet type jokes. I thought I would
take a picture for them to remember always. ;)

Tonight, I'm headed right back to do more coats of oil, work on the closet, and begin framing the stair storage if there is time. 

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