Thursday, September 26, 2013

Final Week: Wednesday Update

One of many rounds of donations.
Things are moving quickly; time is on short supply!

So this post is short and sweet with mostly pictures! Yay! My favorite kind too! ;)

On Tuesday night, I went into turbo mode the moment I drove away from the office. I did several errands back to back and simultaneously- I was a machine! I packed and moved several items to temporary storage places, and then headed to the site. When I finally arrived, I completed the final coat of tung oil in the loft, pulled out the gas cooktop and set up the counters loosely to get a sneak peek, and mounted the post we would need to create a wall for the closet.

Kitchen sneak peek!
I thought we could continue working with scrap, but we have done a good job of using every last bit. It turned out we needed more shiplap to continue one project, and then we didn't have the measurements for the other. :/ Ugh. I wanted to begin framing the stair storage, but I didn't have the measurements of the cooler, and it looked like it would be a tight squeeze. It was late and I had done a ton already, so I didn't feel like the day was a wash.

Tonight, we donated a HUGE pile of things, packed up more of our stuff, loaded the mattress and cooler into the truck, headed to the store for supplies, then hit the site. We did get there kind of late, but we were determined to get some things done.

First on the list was getting the mattress up into the loft. We need to start moving in piece by piece, because time is almost up. (We have an air mattress at the apt in the mean time.) We heaved and yanked and shoved and got the mattress up top. We quickly concluded that a queen size bed was certainly not necessary. It is a little too big up there. We plan to downsize the mattress once everything else settles down a bit.

Working through the dark.

We then built a very simple shelving unit above the bed. We plan to finish it out with trim and I will make either curtains or some sort of paneling so our piles of clothes are not exposed. We also need to add some supports, and we plan to make use of little tree branches for this. The plan is to store mainly our casual clothes here. All work clothes (aka things that need hanging) will be in the closet down stairs.

Speaking of the closet, we were able to complete the wall and mount the first of the supports to hold the clothes rack...and that we plan to create from a tree branch as well. ;)

We also made the first cut to the counter top pieces. Next up for that is marking out and making the rough opening for the gas cook top to set into. We also need to locate a super tiny sink and cut an opening for that as well.

Tonight, we plan to move more packed boxes to storage, finish the closet, and begin framing the stair storage.

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