Sunday, September 29, 2013


Beginning the ceiling trim. :)
Update - as of Saturday evening!

We are right smack in the middle of it right now, so this is a SUUUPER short entry. Over the last couple days we have applied trim, worked on cabinets, finished the closet enough for clothes, packed more, stored more, moved more, put our clothes in the tiny house (woohoo!!), and worked on the kitchen counter.

 Sunday we plan to work on the kitchen so more, the bathroom, and then the bookshelf. Not to mention, moving more of our stuff in too.  I'll try to get a video tour on Sunday too!

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Closet is ready for our clothes!!
Those are tree branches as our hanging rods. :)

We got our "sink" for free from Dan's dad's store! :)

Cutting the hole for the gas cooktop.

Careful now....

Nice clean cuts- good job, Dan!

Putting our clothes away in the loft!!!! AAAGGHH!!

The kitchen so is evident we need more practice
with cabinets. Design and application - haha, we have run into
a lot of road blocks and necessary modifications that mess with the aesthetics.
Oh well, it's functional and that's number one!! 

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